Maria's Mexican Restaurant

About Us

A Dedicated Family of Great Cooks
We’ve been creating delicious food for over 14 years

Welcome to Maria’s Mexican Restaurant!

Our Story

We are from San Luis Potosi Mexico, my husband and I have been married 15 years and we have 3 children. We have always worked in restaurants since we came to the United States. Food is part of our culture; we grew up cooking. We love Mexican food because it has always been in our hearts and it is the reason why we want to start this project; because we believe in our way of cooking. Opening this restaurant has always been our dream.

My husband left his good paying job in order to start a new business, he started a moving company and became very successful. Thanks to that outcome we were able to open this place. We are very grateful for this Restaurant that has become a blessing in our lives. Same way we want to bless you with our delicious fresh Mexican Food.


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